Tuesday, September 2, 2014

God has a sense of humor....

God has a sense of humor.  He really does.  Remember when I said I was feeling under the weather last week?  Well, I had also been overextending my boundaries and slightly tiptoeing close to the lines that I set and I think that He decided to pull the carpet straight out from under me and remind me of my limitations.  Not only did I NOT start feeling better, I started feeling worse!  First a flare-up of rheumatic fever (first one in a long time) and then, what I thought was allergies ends up with me in a deep sweaty-feverish sleep and a cough that makes me sound like a walrus.  I totally get it.  Don't even play with the lines.  Look the opposite direction and proceed to the other side of the street.  Do not pass go...do not collect $200.  Just stay away from the boundary lines. 

Now I'm going to jug some cough syrup and wait on the doctor's office to call me back while I snuggle with Shadow. 

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